About Us

Based in UK, Index Marine Ltd has over 30 years experience in the manufacture and design of marine electrical installation equipment. Using the highest quality materials our products are designed for the challenging environment found at sea, and are therefore highly robust and ideal for use in any tough application. Our extensive range includes, IP68 cable glands, galvanic isolators, flood detection systems, busbars and exhaust temperature alarms.

As the exclusive Bulgin Marine distributor for the UK we are able to provide additional high quality equipment to compliment our own Index Marine range. Bulgin products including the Bulgin Buccaneer and Mini Buccaneer range waterproof IP68 Bulgin plugs and sockets switches, fuse holders and warning lights - designed for the protection of electronics in demanding and exposed environments.

We supply our products to the leisure and commercial marine, defence, communication, automobile, nuclear, seismic and other sectors.

Taking pride in our enviable reputation for outstanding technical support, we are always willing to advise on correct product choice for individual projects, large or small, to ensure our customers have complete satisfaction with their installation. With a distribution network throughout Europe and in the USA, the Index Marine product range and service centers are widely available.

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